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Land Rover Lease deals

Land Rover was founded in 1978 and is a British Brand which has had huge success in the automotive industry producing some of the most renowned off road vehicles of all time. They produce both Luxury and utility vehicles appealing to a wide variety of people for the practicality and durability. Over the years the cars Land Rover leasing produce have increased in reliability and are known for being able to tackle some of the toughest terrains in the world. Land Rover have made the history books being the next oldest 4 wheel drive cars to be made after Jeep.

Land Rover leasing has had huge success in the UK market and the lease special offers we have available are very affordable for the value of these vehicles.

Traditionally Land Rovers were built as work vehicles however the rise in popularity with the urban community means that the manufacturer has slightly shifted their attention to expand their market by producing range-rovers which include the Evoque, Velar and Sport. The highest in the Range Rover range is the Vogue which is pure luxury on wheels. The manufacturer still produce many affordable off roaders such as the Defender and Discovery.

Land Rover lease deals include road tax for the full agreement along with free delivery in the UK and manufacturer warranty. Leasing a land Rover has many benefits, the main one is knowing the exact costs of ownership. Land Rover personal lease deals and business lease deals are becoming more popular in the UK.

If you would like to discuss your next Land Rover leasing deal then look no further as Lets talk finance can provide competitive quotes on all makes and models and we look to give the best quality of service from start to finish and maintain relationships with our customers for the future.

To find out more about Land Rover lease please speak to one of our experienced team who will guide you through the order process on 01625 568 612 or email

View all Defender SUVs
Lease Land Rover Defender car leasing
Defender SUV
32 vehicles found
Business prices from £411.33 exc VAT
Personal prices from £545.76 inc VAT
View all Discovery SUVs
Lease Land Rover Discovery car leasing
Discovery SUV
10 vehicles found
Business prices from £421.64 exc VAT
Personal prices from £552.62 inc VAT
View all Discovery Sport SUVs
Lease Land Rover Discovery Sport car leasing
Discovery Sport SUV
61 vehicles found
Business prices from £295.35 exc VAT
Personal prices from £388.00 inc VAT
View all Range Rover SUVs
Lease Land Rover Range Rover car leasing
Range Rover SUV
20 vehicles found
Business prices from £697.63 exc VAT
Personal prices from £937.74 inc VAT
View all Range Rover Evoque SUVs
Lease Land Rover Range Rover Evoque car leasing
Range Rover Evoque SUV
61 vehicles found
Business prices from £235.05 exc VAT
Personal prices from £282.36 inc VAT
View all Range Rover Sport SUVs
Lease Land Rover Range Rover Sport car leasing
Range Rover Sport SUV
24 vehicles found
Business prices from £485.82 exc VAT
Personal prices from £583.28 inc VAT
View all Range Rover Velar SUVs
Lease Land Rover Range Rover Velar car leasing
Range Rover Velar SUV
49 vehicles found
Business prices from £383.69 exc VAT
Personal prices from £505.95 inc VAT

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Popular Land Rover Deals

Land Rover car Leasing

Here at lets talk finance we offer a range of fantastic Land Rover car lease deals to suit all customer requirements. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional vehicle leasing service and are arguably the best leasing broker in the UK. With many years of knowledge and experience our team of experts are on hand to help source the best Land Rover car Leasing deals on the market. No one is better equipped than Lets talk finance to find you the perfect lease.

Leasing Land Rover could not be more simple with our quick efficient order process and state of the art management system to ensure all of our customers are up to date. The good thing about leasing is that any one can do it providing you have a UK driving licence. You need to bear in mind that to get a lease you will need to have a credit approval which entails a quick and easy application process which can be done on our website or if you need any help with this you can speak to a member of our team.

Land Rover Personal car leasing

Land Rover Personal lease deals are very cost effective allowing personal customers to budget exactly what their next car will cost over the term of the agreement. Land Rover personal lease is usually a contract of 2, 3 or 4 years where you choose the initial payment you want to put in and pay a fixed monthly payment for the duration. More and more customers are choosing to lease rather than purchase as it is a cheaper finance option which usually means you can drive a better car than you thought you could afford.

Some of the main benefits of Land Rover personal lease are:

  • Get a fantastic deal
  • Drive a new better specced car
  • Have confidence in driving something reliable
  • All of the latest technologies, security and safety features
  • Keep your hard earned cash in the bank
  • Easy monthly budgeting
  • Lower maintenance costs

Land Rover Business car leasing

A businesses fleet is a vital component of its success. This means it is really important to opt for the most financially viable way of running your company vehicles. Land Rover business lease deals could be a fantastic option for your business due to our simple order process and affordable prices.

We are professionals in Leasing Land Rover for businesses all over the UK and have lots of experience in delivering a quality service to both small and larger firms.

Land Rover Business car leasing, which is also known as business contract hire, is a type of finance where you pay a set monthly payment to drive vehicle(s) over an agreed period of time before taking out the contract, the most popular terms businesses go for are 2, 3 or 4 years. It allows you to budget exactly how much you wish to spend on your employees company cars.

Some of the main benefits of Land Rover business lease are:

  • Cash Flow
  • Regular updated new vehicles
  • Modern Fleet
  • Vat Reclaimable
  • Corporation Tax
  • Fleet Management

Land Rover Maintenance

Lets talk finance are in partnership with Independent Vehicle management companies who deal with Fleet owners, Private individuals, and corporate clients. Choosing a maintenance package with lets talk finance guarantees you the very best personal service during your lease contract. Trained and qualified staff will provide independent advice and are in touch with nationwide parts suppliers / service centres to achieve a quick efficient service. When you call the maintenance company you will receive a top class personal service every time.

If its for a single vehicle or you require management of a fleet of vehicles, a fully comprehensive maintenance package will benefit all customers and even more so for high mileage users. Opting for a maintenance plan allows you to budget with no nasty surprises such as Major repair bills orTyre replacements. It also keeps drivers on the road with full breakdown assistance including home start.

Land Rover Special offers

There are lots of fantastic deals out there and we have access to them all. Due to the frequent changes in price and high demand of these offers they sometimes don't even get advertised on our website which is why it is always important to give us a call to discuss the latest prices. We have access to an extensive amount of vehicles in stock which can be delivered within 7-10 days or if you would like to personalise your new motor we can order it in to suit your exact requirements.

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