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Peugeot Lease deals

Peugeot is a company from France which was established in 1896, they are now part of group PSA which also has many other popular car brands which can be leased in the UK. The first car manufactured by Peugeot had 3 wheels and was powered by steam. Only 4 were ever made so shortly afterward they designed their first Petrol fuelled engine which had 4 wheels.

Leading many areas of the industry due to the reliability and beauty of the cars they make, Peugeot leasing has some of the top-selling lease cars in the UK. Like many other manufacturers Peugeot have a large selection from small city cars to large family SUVs. Peugeot lease deals are cost-effective and very competitive so lots of people like to go for the Peugeot leasing special offers which change on a monthly basis. Beyond the range of economical cars, the GTI trim gives off an exciting curbside appeal at low prices. Read more...

The build quality over the years has remained consistent keeping Peugeot lease customers loyal to the brand. In recent years the designs have become even more elegant giving them an edge over the competition.

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Lease Peugeot 108 car leasing
108 Hatchback
2 Business prices from £145.03 + VAT
1 Personal prices from £173.50 inc VAT
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Lease Peugeot 2008 car leasing
2008 SUV
21 Business prices from £176.90 + VAT
21 Personal prices from £211.60 inc VAT
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20 Business prices from £174.89 + VAT
20 Personal prices from £209.34 inc VAT
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3008 SUV
27 Business prices from £233.54 + VAT
27 Personal prices from £279.71 inc VAT
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308 Estate
2 Business prices from £188.04 + VAT
1 Personal prices from £225.11 inc VAT
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5008 SUV
17 Business prices from £263.05 + VAT
17 Personal prices from £315.13 inc VAT
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508 Estate
8 Business prices from £225.60 + VAT
5 Personal prices from £270.18 inc VAT
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Lease Peugeot 508 car leasing
508 Hatchback
6 Business prices from £299.48 + VAT
3 Personal prices from £365.89 inc VAT

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Peugeot car Leasing

Here at Lets Talk Finance, we offer a range of fantastic Peugeot lease deals to suit all customer requirements. We pride ourselves in providing an exceptional vehicle leasing service and can help you to find the best deals on your next Peugeot. No one is better equipped than Let’s Talk Finance to find you the perfect lease.

Leasing a Peugeot could not be more simple with our quick and efficient order process and state of the art management system. One of our sales representatives will talk you through every step of the process, can offer tips and will help you to get the best deal - even before it’s listed on our website!

What do I need in order to lease?

  • A valid UK driving license.
  • To be 18 or older.
  • Able to afford monthly payments.

You need to bear in mind that to get a lease you will need to have a credit approval. This is to ensure affordability and repayment. It entails a quick and easy application process which can be done on our website or, if you need any help with this, through a member of our customer service team.

Personal Leases

A Peugeot personal lease is very cost effective, allowing personal customers to budget exactly what their next car will cost over the term of the agreement. For our Peugeot vehicles, lease contracts are usually 2, 3 or 4 years. You can chat to one of our sales team about what might work best for you. You choose the initial payment and pay a fixed monthly amount for the duration. With fixed prices, you don’t have to worry about unexpected bills!

More and more customers are choosing to lease rather than purchase as it is a cheaper finance option, which usually means you can drive a better car than you thought you could afford.

Some of the main benefits of a Peugeot personal lease are:

  • A fantastic deal
  • A new, better specced car
  • Confidence in driving something reliable
  • All of the latest technologies, security and safety features
  • Easy monthly budgeting
  • Lower maintenance costs

Business Leases

In our range of Peugeot lease deals, we also offer special prices for businesses.

A business's fleet is a vital component of its success. This means it’s really important to opt for the most financially viable way of running company vehicles, taking into account maintenance costs. Peugeot business lease deals could be a fantastic option for your company due to our affordable prices and package deals.

We are professionals in leasing Peugeot models to businesses all over the UK and have lots of experience delivering a quality service to both smaller and larger firms.

Business car leasing, which is also known as business contract hire, is a type of finance where you pay a set monthly payment to drive vehicle(s) over a period of time agreed before taking out the contract. The most popular terms businesses go for are 2, 3 or 4 years. It allows you to budget exactly how much you wish to spend on your employees’ company cars.

Some of the main benefits of a Peugeot business lease are:

  • Easy to monitor cash flow
  • Regularly updated new vehicles
  • A modern fleet
  • Reclaimable VAT
  • Reduced corporation tax


Personal Maintenance Packages

Choosing a maintenance package with Let’s Talk Finance guarantees you the very best personal service during your lease contract. Trained and qualified staff will provide independent advice and are in touch with nationwide parts suppliers and service centres to achieve a quick, efficient service on your behalf. When you call the maintenance company you will receive a top class personal service every time.

A maintenance package is extremely useful for high mileage users who are likely to get more wear out of their Peugeot car, and therefore more potential to face significant upkeep costs such as tyre replacement or major repairs. With a package, you can remove the hassle of upkeep and prevent any costly surprises.

Fleet Maintenance

A fully comprehensive maintenance package will also benefit fleet vehicles and companies with multiple Peugeot leases. It keeps your drivers on the road with full breakdown assistance, including home start.

The Best Peugeot Deals

There are lots of fantastic deals out there and we have access to them all. Due to the frequent changes in price and high demand of these offers, the best way to get a fantastic Peugeot lease deal is by talking to our sales team. They have the most up-to-date information available before it even gets on the website.

With access to an extensive number of Suzuki vehicles in stock, we can deliver your new Peugeot to your door in 7-10 days. If you would like to personalise your new car, we can order it in to suit your exact requirements. Just get in touch today.

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