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Annual Mileage

What is the UK mileage average per year?

The amount of miles you do per year will effect how much a vehicle will cost you in several ways which could be:

Insurance - If you are doing more miles on the road there is a greater chance of you being in an accident so insurance premiums are more expensive for high mileage drivers.

Finance payments - Some finance contracts stipulate an annual mileage which is agreed at the start of taking out the contract. This is because the residual value will be lower for a high mileage car when it is due to be handed back.

Costs of maintenance - Routine services will be due more frequently for high mileage drivers. The normal service intervals for new cars are 1 year or 10K miles which ever comes first but this can vary for different vehicle manufacturers. The wearable parts on a car like tyres, breaks and clutch will need to be replaced more frequently also if you are doing lots of miles each year.

It is important that you calculate your expected annual mileage as accurately as possible when entering in to finance agreements like Leasing and PCP. This is because all contracts of this finance type have an agreed mileage limit at the start of the contract.

The average annual car mileage for the UK in 2019 was 7900 which is actually a large decrease since 2002 when the UK average was 9200. This is partly due to less business drivers operating on the roads and moving over to more advanced ways of holding meetings over the internet and calls.

If you underestimate your mileage on a finance contract you will have excess mileage charges to pay and if you overestimate then more money will be leaving your pocket than necessary.

How do I work out my annual mileage when leasing?

Lots of people ask the question about annual mileage on a leasing contract. It is important to know that you will not be charged if you go over on the year as it is based on the full contract for example if you choose 10K miles on a 3 year deal then as long as you don't go over 30K miles there will be no excess mileage charges.

The most common mileages chosen on a lease contact vary between 5K to 25K miles per year. The most popular are 5K, 8K 10K or 12K with 15K closely following.

To calculate your annual mileage it can be quite easy if you have a regular routine each month however if you have had a car previously and had to put it through MOT’s you can check back on what you did each year. If you have had previous finance contracts then it is also easy to just go off what you did last time unless plans are in place to do more or less miles annually.

To break down your annual mileage in to months, weeks and days we have includes examples below:

annual mileage calculator

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