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How to choose the best car

When deciding on your next new car it tends to be much harder than initially thought.

Due to the growth of the car industry along with a large variety of vehicles in different shapes and sizes it can become quite overwhelming as to what the best car is for you.

All of the leading vehicle manufacturers are in a race of innovation, the latest technologies around today are being implemented in to vehicles to make life easier.

Gone are the days of new features being added as a gimmick which is not fit for purpose as the new technologies and features in todays new cars can be really useful and also make the car a safer place to be.

In this topic we want to highlight the main points which you should consider before making a decision on your next vehicle.

By following these steps it breaks down the decision making process in to more manageable portions. Here at Lets Talk Finance we want to not only find you the best lease deals on the market but to help make sure it is the right car for you considering you could be behind the wheel of it for 2 to 4 years.

How To choose the right car for me?


You should start with what you can afford or are willing to pay for your next vehicle. It is important to factor in repair bills and that you can keep up with the payments for the duration of the contract because if payments are missed it will have a negative impact on your credit score potentially effecting your next lease.

Space requirements

It sounds pretty obvious but many people go wrong on selecting the best vehicle to suit day to day requirements and how many passengers you might carry.

Plan for the future - if your thinking about getting a dog or even expanding your family with a new baby the last thing you need to worry about is having to wait until your lease is up before getting a bigger car.

Where do you live - lets be honest, if you live in a busy city its not going to be the best idea getting a great big vehicle if you don’t need it as it wouldn’t be practical to park and navigate through tight streets on a daily basis.

The same applies to living in the countryside. If you live up in the hills which is more prone to harsh winter weather conditions it might be worth considering a 4 wheel drive SUV car to get you from A to B. This might not always be the best option though if your planning to use the vehicle for longer journeys as they generally cost more in fuel so if this was the case a smaller saloon or hatch 4 wheel drive could be a possible contender.


Touching on journeys above it is really important to work out your annual mileage before entering in to a lease agreement.

Excess mileage charges - if you go over the agreed mileage limit there will be money to pay when handing the car back. This can vary for different vehicles and you will be informed of the costs before entering the agreement.

Fuel - Motorway drivers or high mileage commuters find that it is a more cost effective option to go for a hybrid or Diesel engine. This is because MPG is much higher in these types of car so it will be more friendly to your back pocket.

Lower mileage drivers could benefit more from full electric or petrol cars as they work better doing shorter journeys and efficiency is higher along side. Driving a Diesel car for short journeys on a daily basis can actually be harmful to the engine and DPF filters clog up easily as they are designed to operate best on consistent longer journeys over stop start traffic.

Performance and economy

Vehicle economy has become much more important in recent years to car owners as vehicle taxes and the price of fuel is climbing dramatically. Car manufacturers are working hard to adapt the configurations of their engines to become more efficient to get around this problem however some cars are much more efficient Thant others so it is important to know what to expect before making that important purchase.

If you are looking for a more powerful car then chances are it is going to cost more to run however there are now options out there which can be really cost effective. For instance electric cars seem to be the future and if you need not worry about the range of your journeys then there are some specialist companies who focus on performance electric vehicles.

If your not yet ready to go all electric then market leading manufacturers are swapping out larger engines in their performance cars for smaller turbo charged power engines to become more efficient and surprisingly more powerful so it is a win win either way.

Not everyone is interested in speed and acceleration but the manufacturers have this covered offering a wide variety of engines with different power outputs to suit different vehicle owners requirements. If you are stuck on this our team of experts can dig deeper in to what options might be most suitable for you.


One of the most important factors to consider is styling and quality. Everyone wants the best value for money deals however value for money can be broken down in to 2 different aspects which are costs to run or the quality of vehicle you are paying for.

Be sure to consider these 2 aspects before going for your next car as you might find having a more attractive motor more important than how much it costs to run.


In todays world more and more cars are filling the roads so it is essential that safety ratings are high to protect yourself. NCAP assess vehicles before they can be released for sale on a 1 - 5 star basis, 5 being the highest. If you don’t know what the NCAP rating is on a car be sure to check before making a purchase as this could potentially be an influence on your decision making process.

To summarise this article, there are many factors to consider when deciding on a new car and we believe the highlighted points should help with your decision making process. There are other things to consider if you wanted to dig deeper in to which car is best for you.

If we have left any unanswered questions when going for one of our lease deals our team of experts will be more than happy to provide the information needed to allow you to make a confident decision as to which car is best for you.

choosing the best car
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