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Lets Talk Finance top 10 reasons why you should consider leasing a vehicle.

1. Get a great deal

Car leasing brokers are companies that operate independently, They continually getting the best real time deals from all the major finance companies and dealerships in the UK. Lets Talk Finance LTD can offer the most competitive market rates available, helping customers drive their monthly costs down.

2. Drive a reliable car

When you lease a car typically the car will be new or nearly new (Pre registered). Dependant on the length of your lease agreement and the manufacturer warranty you can sit back and relax knowing that the car is covered for mechanical faults. With a brand new car the MOT does not need to be done for the first 3 years so therefore it saves you money in comparison to owning an older vehicle.

3. Drive a much better car

With a car lease you only pay for the car's depreciation over the lease period, not the value of the car (because you don't own it). The result of this means that your monthly payments are typically lower compared with other forms of finance. This allows you to lease a better make, trim or option. You will find you can afford to drive a better car than what you could buy outright also.

4. Avoid visiting lots of dealerships

Because you are dealing with Lets Talk Finance who constantly review the market for the best rates, you’re not being held captive to dealership finance as we will do all the hard work in finding the best rates with different finance companies for the specific car you want.

5. Keep your money in the bank

Billionaire oil tycoon J Paul Getty said: “If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it.” If you Lease a car you won’t be Loosing your savings into something that spends most of its life sitting outside your home depreciating.

6. Enjoy manufacturers new vehicle technologies

Because you are driving a new car, you benefit from the latest in-car technology manufacturers are introducing. Recent popular additions include things like Apple car play and Android Auto, Autonomous Emergency Braking to help prevent crashes, Lane assist which warns you if your car wanders over a lane, reverse cameras and even heated and cooled seats.

7. Know exactly what you are spending each month

Except fuel and insurance, Leasing a car allows you to know what motoring is going to cost you because your expenses are all put in to one monthly payment, Road Fund licence and breakdown cover is also included in a lease. You have the option to take a maintenance package which allows you to budget even further.

8. Cut out big unexpected costs

The older a car becomes with higher mileage the less reliable it is. When you own a newer car there is less chance that expensive mechanical parts will go wrong unexpectedly such as Clutch, Timing belts and Breaks.

9. No worry of MOT dates dawning

All cars do not need an MOT until they are 3 years old. The most popular lease terms are 2 and 3 years so therefore you will not have to worry about MOT if you were to go for an agreement up to 3 years.

10. Avoid the hassles of PCP

With leasing you just hand back the car at the end of the agreement and you can then choose your next new vehicle. Whereas PCP, you will find yourself haggling over the final versus the estimated value of the vehicle, you can avoid having to negotiate figures on your current car with the dealership on your next vehicle or having to buy the car outright.

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