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The UK could be banned from pavement parking

This topic has come to light due to more and more vulnerable people not leaving their homes because they don't feel safe walking on the road to get to their destination.

Im sure we can all say that we have parked on the pavement from time to time but there are some people who take it to the next level completely blocking the walkway for pedestrians to pass.

Currently there are bans in place in the City of London for full or partial parking on pavements unless signs permit drivers otherwise. This is to make it a safe environment for the bustling streets of pedestrians and you could be hit with a big £70 fine if you choose to ignore the rules.

There has been discussions about expanding this ban across the whole of the UK with the hope of making the streets safer for vulnerable pedestrians.

We think this does have many positive outcomes however no road is the same and in some areas it is not possible to park on the road without blocking traffic which could cause a completely new set of issues.

It would be a more reasonable outcome if the government were to create some more awareness for UK drivers on where and how to park on the pavements.

Some areas it would be suitable to implement the ban however in the places it isn't it would make a world of good if people were a little bit more aware of the effects pavement parking can cause.

Some examples of vulnerable people who might be effected could be a mother pushing a pram comes to a section of pavement where there is no other choice than to get by on the road which then puts her and the child at risk of oncoming traffic.

Another example could be an elderly person who isn't as able on their feet as others has to get past by stepping on to the road but if a car is coming by they possibly might not be able to move out of the way in time.

These are just some broad examples and there are many more which is why vulnerable people are choosing to stay at home which is not what we want in the developing world we are in today.

The biggest problem we have is England is an island and we do not have the space for off road parking on every street so the only option is for everyone to come together and be more aware of the effects pavement parking can have on others or for the government to enforce the ban which is a last resort.

To resolve the growing issue Lets talk finance suggest that drivers are more considerate and careful when parking on a pavement to make sure there is plenty of space for pushchairs or wheel chairs to get past and if there isn't then find somewhere else to park which we understand is inconvenient but it is worser for others trying to pass a blocked pavement.

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