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Top 10 most reliable Lease car for 2020

Picking the car you like the look of the most is the easy part and many people don't consider if it is the best option for them in terms of reliability. Regardless of how much technology the car has or how much you have spent on it some cars are more prone than others to have common faults, high repair bills and issues when starting as they get older.

As much as reliability isn't everyones concern as it will depend massively on driving style or how much it is driven. We have done a round up of our top 10 cars for 2020 which have proven to be the most reliable so far in comparison to the competition. In this list we have not included the latest new releases for this year purely because we wont find out about their reliability until a bit further down the line.

1 - Volvo XC40


Not only is the XC40 one of the most reliable cars but it is also one of our best sellers with its stylish elegant designs, fantastic performance figures and affordable monthly lease payments. Volvos are well known for being reasonably priced to maintain when repairing them or general annual services. The high quality interiors with all the latest technologies make XC40 lease deals a popular choice.

2 - Subaru Outback


The brand has a fantastic reputation for building impressive performance vehicles. Although it might be more expensive to run than other cars with lower economy ratings the manufacturer produces vehicles that very rarely let you down. If you are planning on keeping your next vehicle for a long period of time then Subaru lease deals might be worth looking at for you.

3 - Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf

This model came with Nissans step in to the electric car market and has been a huge success not only for its impressive range and features which come standard with the car but also for its reliability. Nissan have got it spot on considering the technologies are so new. You can be sure to have less problems with reliability leasing a Nissan leaf over other competitors models.

4 - Lexus CT

lexus ct

This spacious premium hatchback comes with all of the highest standard luxury features and technologies. The model has been around for several years now and has proven its self to be very reliable. You really can rely on a CT to get you from A to B without any worries of it not starting or breaking down. We would always recommend you do keep up with regular service intervals to prevent any avoidable issues when driving.

5 - Lexus RX

lexus rx

Another contender from Lexus for its reliability is the RX which is a beautiful family SUV which has impressive performance figures and economy ratings. We recommend getting a feel for this car if you are in the market and take it for a test drive. Faults do sometimes occur with the electrics however it isn't something to worry about if the car is still in warranty. The mechanical side of this vehicle is no less than expected from this vehicle manufacturer and owners report they never have any issues when running this car.

6 - Toyota Prius

toyota prius

One of the biggest changes to the car industry was when Toyota launched their first Prius which was a huge success for its marvellous drive along with outstanding economy ratings. Lots of famous celebrities chose to purchase these vehicles to build the image of ‘going green’ which boosted sales to the general population massively. As this car has been round for several years we are able to get an accurate idea of how reliable it is from previous owners. The results were brilliant which earns the right to be on our top 10 most reliable cars list.

7 - Peugeot 3008

peugeot 3008

This car is a compact SUV which has had huge success in recent years due to the really good 3008 lease deals available. This car is very reliable and is a relatively good cost effective option if you are looking for an affordable car which comes with all of the latest technology, elegant styling and impressive economy figures.

8 - Toyota Yaris

toyota yaris

The Yaris was replaced with a newer up to date model in 2019 and if it is as good as the last one then you are in for a winner buying a Yaris for its reliability. These cars very rarely go wrong and are good value for money. We offer a range of competitive deals on all Toyota cars and Vans.

9 - Toyota Corolla

toyota corolla

Another Toyota hits our top 10 list, this time being the Corolla which is a slightly larger hatchback than the Yaris making it a more practical vehicle which is commonly used for long journeys and motorway miles. The Corolla is a safe bet if you are looking for something really reliable and good value for money.

10 - Toyota CHR

toyota chr

Last but not least the CHR from Toyota again is a very reliable vehicle and as you can see there is a bit of a pattern with Toyota producing some really reliable cars. Defiantly worth a look of you are in need of a compact SUV. This car has some rather unique styling and comes with some of the best technologies in their engine bays and also interior electronics.

We think these cars are all really reliable but please bear in mind this is based on our industry experience and there are lots of other reliable cars out there so if you would like any more information on other cars then feel free to call our team of experts who will be happy to guide you through your options.

We search the market all over the UK for the best car lease deals and have good relationships with lots of main dealers so we can get you the very best discounts on your next new lease. Please give us a call on 01625 568 612 or you can email sales@letstalkfinance.co.uk

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