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Top ten first time drivers cars

Not only is it challenging to pass your Theory and practical test when you are old enough to drive but choosing the best car within budget which is also reasonable to insure can be a mine field in its self. We understand that your first car is special and you want it to be the most sensible decision financially so we are here to help. Below are Lets talk finance top 10 first time drivers new cars for 2020.

1. Ford Fiesta 

This is our top choice and an obvious one at that! The ford fiesta is a pleasure to drive, coming with all of the latest features and technology to offer in the modern day car market. With low running costs and an affordable price tag this car has been a popular for first time drivers for many generations. There is a range of different powered engines to cater for a wide variety of customer some of which have very low insurance groups to keep the costs of motoring down.

Even the base model comes packed with standard features needed in every day life but for a little extra cash features like Apple car play, upgraded sound systems and climate control can be added to the car which generally will appeal to the younger generations who want to keep up with the times.

2. Kia Picanto

The Picanto was launched in 2004 so has had no where near as much time as our contenders to build its reputation however it has a combination of benefits to first time drivers for the perfect choice. The car is spacious inside and cheap to run and repair whilst maintaining an exceptional level of build quality.

The Kia Picanto has stole the lime light winning the What car best value car for 2020. It comes in several trim levels with sporty styling and comfortable seats boosting its appeal to many customers in the UK. If your looking for the perfect all round car as a new driver this should be a serious contender.

3. Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is another serious contender for first time drivers however it comes with a more premium price tag which would need to be considered. Although Polos can be pricey you get more luxury quality for your money buying a Volkswagen who have built up a solid reputation of german engineering who put reliable cars on to the roads.

The Polo comes jam packed with standard features and the economy figures are very impressive offering a range of 1 litre engines with different power outputs. All new Polos now come only with 5 doors which is a decision many car manufacturers are now making with these types of cars. They are practical, comfortable to drive and will always put a smile on your face when behind the wheel so it is defiantly worth taking one of these cars for a test drive before you make the big decision.

4. Vauxhall Corsa

This model has been a great success over the years appealing to a wide variety of customers due to its practicality and affordable pricing. The Corsa was first launched in 1982 giving it many years to be recognised all over the UK for its unique styling and sporty feel behind the wheel. Many first time drivers go for this car because it is cheap to insure whilst giving you everything you might look for in a first car.

They are very spacious inside but remain easy to drive which is a key thing to look for in a first car. Owning a reliable car is important especially your first - Vauxhall are very popular for the build quality of their products and you can be sure that the running costs will be low for one of their vehicles.

5. Fiat 500

This Iconic car has been a huge success in the UK appealing to many first time drivers due to its simple designs and ease of use. The Fiat 500 is very reasonable in price but not only that the insurance group is very low making it a very cost effective option when buying your first car.

The retro charm of the 500 makes it a cool first car to own. It is also cheap to maintain as Fiat has built the platform to make it reachable for all customer budgets. The options available are extensive and the manufacturer offers many different configurations to make it completely personal and unique to others. The car was originally designed for the tight streets of Italy making it a very good city car for parking and manoeuvring through tight spaces.

6. Toyota Aygo

The stylish, fun Aygo is a perfect car for first time drivers which is small in size but full of character and design. This car comes with lots of different styling options at affordable prices whilst offering a range of small reliable engines to beat the high insurance costs for first time drivers. The Aygo boasts really good economy ratings and are cheap to maintain which combines all of the key things you might need to look for when making the big decision on your first car.

The Aygo comes with a 5 year warranty leaving you without worry of having to change car on a regular basis and all models come with a 1 litre engine which keeps the fuel bills down to a minimum.

7. Seat ibiza

Built on a similar platform to the Polo but with a cheaper price tag the Ibiza can be a sensible purchase for first time drivers who want the reliability of German engineering. The cars come in with a wide range of colours and styling options to make your new car unique to the rest giving it more of a personal feel when driving.

Seat Ibiza handling is excellent and insurance groups are low mixing a good combination of benefits to make it the perfect car for first time drivers. This car was given 5 stars by what car for its drive and value for money.

8. Audi A1

This car comes with a more premium price tag but boasts a range of engines suitable for first time drivers due to their performance, economy and reliability. The A1 appeals to all generations but when it comes to first time cars its one of the best due to its high levels of build quality and low insurance groups.

The car is exciting to drive with lots of character and elegant styling making it the perfect package. Lots of new drivers aren't likely to consider the A1 purely because of the lack of knowledge they have when it comes to the leasing options we have to offer at low affordable monthly payments fixed for a term of between 2 and 4 years.

The Audi A1 is very comfortable to drive and feels very safe behind the wheel. It is simple inside which makes it very easy to use.

9. Mercedes A class

Along side the A1 this car is in the premium category but we think its worth the spotlight in our top 10 first time drivers cars due to its practical size and build quality. There are lots of different styling options for the A class allowing you to personalise the car to make it unique to the rest. Whilst it does have a higher price tag than the others the brand produces very reliable cars with smaller engines to appeal to young drivers.

The high quality and safety features of the A class make it the perfect car for new comers whilst boasting some impressive economy ratings for its vehicle class. These cars are designed with a buyer in mind offering elegant curves and luxury materials with all the latest technologies and infotainment systems.

10. Hyundai I10

This car is growing more and more popular in the UK for first time drivers climbing in to the spotlight of our best cars for new comers. Driving an I10 gives you the excitement you are looking for in a new city car with its agile handling, impressive economy figures, exceptional build quality and small design, this car should be a serious contender when you make the big decision.

The Hyundai I10 is cheap to run and because 1 to 1.2 engines are available the costs of insurance are reasonable. The brand is well known for manufacturing reliable affordable cars along with low cost servicing or repair bills.

There are lots of lease special offers available on these types of car which are updated on a regular basis with low monthly payments. Here at lets talk finance our team of experts are bursting with knowledge on all of the latest cars available and if you would like to find out more about our affordable first time driver lease deals why not give us a call to discuss on 01625 568 612 or you can email sales@letstalkfinance.co.uk

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