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UK's Top 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits

1. Driving below the speed limit

It always seems to be when your in a rush. There is a driver in front of you who is driving 10 mph below the speed limit and fait has it that their end destination is the same as yours. The only benefit to these kind of drivers is that they give you a justifiable excuse to why your turning up to work late on a Monday morning. In the eyes of the law this can be deemed as dangerous driving and can result in a verbal warning up to a £5000 fine depending on what the circumstances are.

2. People dangerously pulling out of junctions

There are several scenarios in which drivers put others at risk such as pulling out too late or pulling out and making the driver behind break suddenly. This is sometimes unavoidable however it is a statistically high cause of accidents on a daily basis in the UK.

3. Middle lane hogger’s

This is where you are on the motorway and cars remain in the middle lane rather than following the highway code which states that you should always drive in the left-hand side lane when the road is clear. When you need to pass slow moving traffic by moving into the middle lane, you should return to the left-hand lane once you are safely past. Middle lane hogging causes traffic jams and forces drivers who might be in experienced to move to the outside lane to get past which can lead to dangerous collisions.

4. Politeness, not saying thank you

This is a big annoyance for all of us. Many drivers politeness is rewarded by ignorance of other drivers not acknowledging another your kindness. This can occur when they are let out of a junction or pulling in to a space on the side of the road to allow a continuous flow of traffic.

5. People who don’t let you change lane 

It is clear they have noticed a car indicating to come in to the same lane. They purposefully don’t acknowledge you so they do not need to slow down or pass. Drivers find them selves pointlessly indicating for long periods of time. If there is an obstruction ahead this can lead to dangerous collisions.

6. People who don’t pay attention at lights

It is the highway code to remain alert even when traffic lights are Red. Some people are clearly on their phone or messing around with their infotainment system on the car. The lights will change to Green and only their car makes it through the lights before it goes back to Red. This causes pileups of traffic and frustration for all drivers who need to be at their destination for a certain time.

7. Parking over 2 spaces

If parking isn’t becoming increasingly more difficult anyway with spaces getting smaller and more and more larger cars having a presence on the road. There are many drivers who fail to park within the lines which leads to cars continuously looping round car parks to find that the space they rightfully deserve has been taken by another driver. Known to many as ‘Clarkson Parking’ after former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson’s infamous parking techniques, it has become a trend in recent times with car enthusiasts taking to social media to share atrocious parking efforts.

8. Tailgating

We have all been there. For some drivers it creates anxiety which can lead to mistakes made on the road. It is very unsafe to tailgate another driver as it puts pressure on the car in-front to drive in a manner they are not comfortable with. It can cause accidents and even result in death.

9. Failing to indicate

Some drivers do not feel the need to indicate when turning in to a side road or when changing lanes. This is not only very inconvenient for drivers but it is also one of the largest accident causers in the UK. Drivers who are correctly proceeding then have to fight a battle with their insurers on liability of the collision. It is very important to gather contact details of any witnesses in the area if you have had a collision especially with these circumstances. You can be fined £2500 for failing to indicate.

10. Last minute breaking

This is very common. The traffic is flowing and you’re making steady progress to your destination when suddenly a car in front of you slams its brakes on for no reason, giving you no time to react. This is most evident at roundabouts and Turing in to side roads. When approaching a roundabout, there will be a car in front of you. You’ll look to your right to see that there are no other cars on the roundabout, but the car in front of you will slam its brakes on and come to a halt nearly ending up in a rear end collision. This scenario can occur when people turn in to a side road also.

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